Comfort for the Day

Living through the seasons of grief.

Compassionate Comforter

Searching for just the right gift to give a grieving friend?         

Needing a quality book that truly comforts?

Desiring greater understanding for the bereaved?

Wanting to give your business the extra caring edge?



When you give Comfort for the Day to a friend, client, or colleague, you are giving comfort that will last their life time. Flowers will fade, plants might die, but Comfort for the Day is the gift that keeps soothing, comforting, and bringing healing to the lives of those you care about.

This sensitively, yet powerfully written book comforts the reader with significant Scriptures specific to the grief experience. It continues to comfort as it guides the bereaved to use the most effective recovery tool available—journaling. Comfort for the Day becomes a personalized grief recovery tool.  At times it is like a therapist in a book.

Comfort for the Day is also your resource to really helping those who are really hurting. As you  read the blogs you will develop greater sensitivity and understanding to confidently step into the pain of  grieving friends or family members.

Both the web site and the book, Comfort for the Day, are ideal resources for bereavement care practitioners. Purchase the book to give to someone you know needs it and send them this link to blogs that are relevant to healing their broken heart.


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