Comfort for the Day

Living through the seasons of grief.

About the Author

Karen Nicola


Comfort for the Day was written after the death of our precious 3 ½  year old son, Dawson Tesla Nicola.  The ache in my body, mind, and heart was overwhelming.  Was there any comfort for the relentless, chaffing pain?  Where could I go for relief that would help heal my broken heart?  People in pain can become desperate.  I began to spill out my pain in heart wrenching words to God, written in a journal.  Soon I discovered that the process of thoughts rushing from my mind, flowing down my shoulder and arm, finally escaping through my fingers holding the pen, was in fact an experience of solace. I also searched my Bible for hope, healing, and relief, to discover comfort in so many places of Scripture that I couldn’t keep this treasure to myself.

The Book

Therefore, Comfort for the Day has come to you.  My mission is to offer one of the best healing tools for those who grieve through my book.  Comfort for the Day is a gift that brings personalized healing that endures forever.  It becomes the reader’s story of how God is faithful to heal our broken hearts.  Comfort for the Day is a  truly useful book that friends, ministries, businesses, and care providers will be confident giving  to the bereaved.

The Web Site

As you explore the web site, Comfort for the Day, you will find short articles written just for those who mourn and another category for those who want to learn how to better comfort the grieving.  Through both of these blog categories, it is my desire that the grieving process will be better understood by the grieving and better supported by those who care about the grieving.


As I experienced healing from my loss, I looked for ways to raise awareness about bereavement.  As a high school teacher, I learned many ways to engage my students with the content I was teaching .  Much of that type of learning is interactive and fun. Therefore, when I facilitate a Comfort for the Day Workshop, it includes small group work, discussions, and goal planning both for the group as well as individuals.  I am available to speak on the topic of grieving and healing from loss in either seminar format or stand alone presentations.  My focus is to raise awareness of the grieving experience and to assist the audience with skills for becoming renowned comforters.  In a world that is bent on pain and death, individuals who will come along side the hurting are like a warm blanket on a chilly, dark night.

Attendee Reactions to CFD Workshops

“I have never attended anything like this.  I found it very helpful.”  Missoula MT

“Great workshop! The most useful part was the exercise where we built a care plan for a loss.”  Yakima WA

“If you want to help a grieving friend, but aren’t quite sure how, this workshop is the place to be.” Carmichael CA

“Thank you, Karen, for a creative and safe learning environment.” Weott CA

“This was awesome.  I was helped by learning what really helps a bereaved family.  It is all about them and my part is to become a good listener.”  ACS Retreat at Leoni Meadows, Grizzly Flat California

“I came away with ideas to formulate a team to help the grieving.”  Fargo ND

“Everyone can gain something from attending a CFD workshop.” Helena MT


2017 Speaking Schedule

February 4 & 5  Cloverdale SDA Church, Boise Idaho

February 17 & 18 Paradise SDA Church, Paradise CA

February 24 & 25  Ukiah SDA Church, Ukiah CA

July  Camp Agape Children’s Bereavement Camp TX

August 1 – 4  Lake Tahoe SDA Camp Meeting, Lake Tahoe CA

Grief Coaching

Recently, I have completed my certification for Grieve Coaching.  This type of sacred work is deeply satisfying for me as I have the privilege of stepping into the vulnerable space of someone’s bereavement for the purpose of coaching them through what I call, “Grief Land.”  Each one travels through “Grief Land” on their own unique path.  However, those who have gone on before often leave signposts to help direct other travelers.  I believe that no one should travel this dark and overwhelming path alone. As a coach, it is my goal to guide my clients towards healing and completion of unresolved aspects of their relationship with their deceased loved one.

2 comments on “About the Author

  1. Della Nicola
    August 6, 2015

    Love your website Karen. Very well done.

  2. Karen Nicola
    August 6, 2015

    Thanks Della. I continue to tweak it to make it better. So much can be done if I was just a little more computer literate. I appreciate your vote of confidence.

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