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How does “WHY?” get me to PEACE?

Peace ~ A Mysterious Gift

Peace ~ A Mysterious Gift

WHY DO THESE THINGS HAPPEN: death, murder, accidents terminal illness, violence, crime & suffering?  I asked this question when our son relapsed with his leukemia and died a month and a half later.  Brilliant theologians have explored and wrestled with the “WHY?” questions that pour out of our broken hearted souls.  I am no theologian, but I can say I have been in the process of personally knowing God for nearly 45 years.  Knowing Him hasn’t answered all my questions yet.  However, today the answer that best applies to our grieving, screaming cries of “WHY?” is found in a brief insight Jesus gave the night of His arrest.  He said,

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace

In this world you will have trouble.

But take heart! I have overcome the world.” *

What’s Your Address?

Last I checked, we each have an address that is associated with Planet Earth. “This world” as Jesus said, is full of TROUBLE.  So a basic answer to our “Why?” question is that we live on a messed up planet.  Jesus personally knew misunderstanding, bullying, scoffing, hatred, threats, violence, and death.  And so He promises something this world can never give us ~ PEACE.

A Mysterious Gift

I deeply appreciate how Jesus can redirects our screaming “WHY?” questions, by acknowledging the pain, then offering something that comes from His Kingdom of Love, Mercy, and Grace ~ His PEACE.  This peace is real, my friend.  It doesn’t come from our circumstances or our psychology.  It comes from God.  It is a gift.  So if you are tired of asking “why?” and you are weary from trying to find all the answers, if you are willing to let go of figuring it all out and will turn in trust to the One who loves you most; His peace is yours.  It will be in abundance to meet the need of chaos or confusion in your heart.  It is given freely.  And oddly, just as we can’t find answers to many of our questions, neither is there an explanation of the existence of peace . . .  other than it comes from above and is a mysterious gift designed just for our broken hearts.  Heaven will never run out of a supply of it. Our desperate need of it guarantees its endless resource.  I hope you are already embracing His gift of PEACE.

*John 16:33


2 comments on “How does “WHY?” get me to PEACE?

  1. Paul Coneff
    April 11, 2016

    How very true. We have a Jesus who cried out on the cross, in His deepest, darkest moment the same “WHY?” question. He did NOT receive a theological answer to His question. In fact, He didn’t receive an answer at all. Yet He was talking with God, sharing the “WHY?” question with God, staying connected to God, and then surrendering to God, saying “Into Your hands, I commit My Spirit.” And as He stay connected with God, surrendering to God in the midst of the darkness, in the midst of His agony and sense of disconnection from God, as the “Lamb slain from the foundation of the world” (Rev. 13:8), carrying all the grief and loss of the history of the whole world, all the sin, shame, guilt and regret from the history of the whole world – He found strength from God and peace from God that was supernatural, not natural. And this is the peace that God is offering now, a peace that was developed during Jesus’ times of pain, suffering, isolation, abandonment, betrayal, abuse, asking the “WHY?” question and surrendering to His Father. This is the price of the peace we can receive, a peace the world cannot give.

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