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Living through the seasons of grief.

What Goes Under the Tree for the Grieving?

christmas-free-wallpapers045-christmas-presentsYou may have people in your circle of family or friends who have been processing the pain of the death of a loved one.  What kind of gift would be appropriate and demonstrate your genuine care for them? Here are a few suggestions.  If you know of other ideas, please post them so more people can benefit.

12 Gift Options for Grieving Friends or Family

  • Give a Memory Bear. This is a stuffed bear created from the clothing of the deceased person.  It becomes a tangible way to hug the memories of the one we love.  If you aren’t up to making one yourself, here is a resource of someone who can do it for you.  Bonnie Coit is a Certified Hospice and Palliative Care Nursing Assistant who makes beautiful memory bears.  If the bear idea doesn’t work for them, maybe a pillow is a good alternative. 
  • Give “Time Together” Gift Certificates that are good for the year to come. Create a small booklet of things you can plan to do with your grieving friend or family member throughout the year to come.  A few suggestions are:  A Golfing Day, A Walk on the Beach, Lunch Out, A Trip to the Zoo, Dinner Out, A Fishing Trip, A Coffee or Tea Date, etc.
  • Give a Gift Certificate for a massage, or several massages for the year to come
  • Give a framed picture of their deceased loved one
  • Create a digital or scrap book photo album
  • Write a story about the loved one. Shutterfly or other digital print companies have good templates to create this type of memory book.
  • Give a donation to an appropriate charity in memory of their loved one.
  • Give the gift of grief coaching ~ pay for a designated number of sessions
  • Give Flowers throughout the coming year, especially for special anniversaries
  • Give a mental escape through great uplifting or humorous books
  • Give your own time and talent to provide for house cleaning assistance once a month or arrange for a professional house cleaner.
  • Give quality books on grieving such as Comfort for the Day ~ This Scripture guided journal book becomes the reader’s story of how God faithfully brings hope and healing to their broken heart.

Whatever gift you give to the grieving this year, I trust it will be given with sincere care and love.  May the blessings of Christmas be in abundance for you and those you support during this season.


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