Comfort for the Day

Living through the seasons of grief.

If You had a Broken Arm . . .

broken armHelplessness

Our inability to stop the death of a loved one can leave us feeling utterly helpless. How we respond to that loss and feeling of helplessness is called grief. While it is unwelcomed because it is in direct association with our loss, grieving is a gift.  It is the path that restores us.


We will forever be changed because we have loved and lost.  Yet the changes inside of us can be for our good.  If we choose to react to the pain in a way that embraces healing, it makes it possible to become agents of understanding and healing to others.


If you had a broken arm, you would give the injury the attention it required.  Even though the bone was broken, you would have confidence that it would once again be functional.  In fact, doctors tell us the healed bone is stronger than before the break. Likewise, your shattered heart may feel as if it will never heal, but it will. There may be evidence of the pain that once occurred; but your heart can heal.  You can become stronger.  You are capable of becoming even a more thoughtful and caring individual.

An excerpt from Tidings of Comfort and Joy, How to Cope with Grief during the Holidays, by me, Karen Nicola in the Nov/Dec 2012 Vibrant Life Magazine


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