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A Griever’s Lament ~ God’s Response


Mourners Lament

A Lament

Lord, help!  I am overwhelmed with pain, shame, guilt and regrets.  Grief is a lonely place, filled with land mines that explode without warning.  My emotions are raw.  I feel like I am wounded beyond repair.  Do you care, God?!?!?  Why are you so silent?  Why is the grief so deafening?  When will I see the colors again and feel the warmth of love?

I am told to take life one step at a time, but it is so dark, I can’t see the chasms to my right or left and I am afraid to move forward.  It feels like each day I am stumbling in the dark, which leaves my emotions bruised and battered. When sorrow is my constant companion, how am I to wake up and enter into the activities of “normal” people?

The residual of yesterday’s regrets linger on and my hypersensitive emotions taunt me.  Where is my escape?  When will I experience relief?  My broken heart reigns dominant.  I am consumed with my loss. I long to hold the one I love who lies beyond my reach under the ground.  Oh grave, you have robbed me of my love! Oh God, do you hear me?



God said, “I will heal your broken heart.”

God’s Reply

Yes, yes, my child, I hear you.  I hurt with you.  I too miss the companionship of your loved one, for I loved him more than you ever can.  I have marked his grave and at my return will bring him back to life in eternal perfection.

What I want you to know is that my love never stops embracing you even when the floods of grief sweep over you.  I am with you.  It is my commitment to go with you through this dark valley of unknowns.  I bring you an offering of forgiveness to wash away the guilt and regrets.  Please take this remedy and let your healing begin.  Allow my total pardon to become your reality for every mistake and hurtful thing you said or have done.  I have never lied to you and so you can count on my forgiveness to be a true gift.  It is my GIFT!  Please take it and begin to notice the joy of life that still exists.

I never intended you to know this side of evil ~ the sting of death.  I never designed you to let go of the ones you love.  It should be of little surprise that your whole body, mind, and soul are staggering to hold onto life.  This is why it is so important for you to allow me to travel with you on your grief journey.  You will need my help, my support, my encouragement, my power and my love to assure you each step of the way. 

While the pain of grief is a constant companion, would you allow me to enter that space and walk with the two of you?  My presence will put sorrow in its place and give you an opportunity to discover hope and begin to experience healing.  I once said, “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”  My presence with you is your comfort.  I have already given you enough faith to believe. Please take these words of comfort and know I am with you always.

One comment on “A Griever’s Lament ~ God’s Response

  1. Anonymous
    October 29, 2015

    Excellent, Karen. Such a good portrayal of God as our Comforter.

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