Comfort for the Day

Living through the seasons of grief.

Unplug the Drain ~ Let the Pain Flow Out

dranoStopped up Drains.  

Ever had a time when the kitchen sink wouldn’t drain?  Left unattended the foul water radiates a stench throughout the rest of your lovely home.  The non functioning sink begins to back up with dirty dishes, along with food scraps making the kitchen nearly useless.  What does this have to do with your broken heart?

The Plumber’s Friend for Clogged Emotions

The cycle of pain, mixed with regrets, added to anger, blame and disorientation (just a few grieving experiences) can leave our lives as non functioning as a clogged kitchen sink.  So just how do we deal with the emotional chaos after loss?  One of the best tools is freely available to all who mourn.  It is the tool of expressing (or draining) your thoughts and feelings on paper.  Today we call it journaling.  As Drano is to a clogged kitchen sink, so journaling is to the emotionally stuck mourner.

Write it Out

Journaling is simply writing one’s thoughts, feelings, questions, and emotions on paper.  No rules of writing apply; just let the feelings tumble out on the page.  This uncomplicated act produces an amazing result of space and peace.  Add another dimension by addressing this journal to the One who can handle all your grief, pain, guilt, and anger and you can expect immediate relief from the inner turmoil.  As your thoughts flow from your head and heart, through your arm and out the point of the pen, space is left that the God-of-all-comfort fills with His healing.  Writing until that relief comes is the objective.  Rewriting every time the emotional congestion interferes in your life is a practical remedy for your broken heart.  Give it a try.  You have nothing to lose, except the pain of clogged emotions, and EVERYTHING to gain as you embrace the comfort.

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