Comfort for the Day

Living through the seasons of grief.

Father’s Who Grieve


Children who Mourn.

There are so many different directions that I can think of taking as I write this Father’s Day Mourning Blog.  We could tell stories of our beloved deceased fathers.  We could tell stories about the pain of our losses from abusive, neglectful, or absentee fathers in our own lives.  Or we can listen to the stories of men who have lived through the pain of loosing a child and how that affects them everyday of their lives for the rest of their lives.

Father’s who Mourn

I have chosen to share a very powerful video from the heart of a father who grieves the loss of his child.  If you share that experience, you might find something useful in his story.  If you have not lost a child, it will give you insights of how it feels and what you might need to know to reach out to a father in your circle of influence that needs your care and support.  A dad’s story

The Father who Comforts

While many are enjoying a “happy” Father’s Day today, many more are not.  My heart goes out to each of you.  I want to support you with this truth: there is a Heavenly  Father who  will never abuse, never abandon, and will always be here for you. He knows and understands your unique personality and thinks you are the best “kid” He has. He is crazy about you and His love is comforting and healing.  Maybe, just maybe, you could look into the face of God and see His father’s eyes of interest, compassion, warmth, courage, and welcome.  He is never too busy for you and offers His limitless resources to guide you through your life.  When you need more than any earthly father is capable of giving, your Heavenly Father is here and He loves you more.


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