Comfort for the Day

Living through the seasons of grief.

Fueling the Broken Heart

In the athletic world, part of fitness training includes how to fuel the body for optimum outcome.  In the “World of Grief” we also need physical, emotional, and spiritual fueling.  While you might not feel like eating, make it a part of your daily routine to

chOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAoose to eat well.  Or if you find yourself overeating, then consider choosing foods that are best for your body instead of loading it with empty calories.  I don’t know the physical reasons, but I do know our bodies react with an altered metabolism after the death of a loved one.  Our bodies process our calories either in acceleration or overly slow; which then affects weight loss or gain.  It also affects how we feel physically. While in the “World of Grief,” we need the best physical energy to endure one of the most severe emotional work outs we may ever encounter.  May I encourage you to make the best choices for your diet?


Mourning is difficult work.  We need nourishment along the way to keep facing the pain and working towards healing.  Soul nourishment also comes in the form of feasting from the advice or wisdom of others who have traveled further ahead in their healing work.  It is my heart’s desire to journey with you through your seasons of grief and thus either lighten your load by shared understanding, or encourage you so you don’t feel so alone.  Stay connected by following this blog or encouraging someone you know who may be residing in the “World of Grief” right now. In the posts to come, it is my prayer that I can offer you emotional snacks and maybe entire meals to strengthen you for your journey.

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