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Living through the seasons of grief.

Permission to Celebrate a “Labor Day”


What does a day off from grief work look like?

Labor Day ~ Bar-B-Q ~ Last day of summer vacations ~ holiday from work . . . speaking of holiday from work . . . How many of us who are actively doing our “grief work” would consider taking a holiday off?  Some of you may be asking what do you mean by “grief work” while others are saying “I’d do anything not to feel the pain right now.”  Here is a little clarification:

  • Grief work is the intentional staying with our process of pain, working it through to resolution and completion. Grief work might take on the form of journaling, visiting with a grief coach or counselor, exercising, creating a memorial, reading about grief, talking to others about our loss, honoring our feelings or any other form of consciously engaging with our grief

So here is just an idvintage-labor-day-postcards-1ea, since the U.S. government in 1894 saw wisdom in giving its work force a day off, maybe you need to consider setting a day in the near future when you choose not to engage in “grief work” and take the day off.  Go to a movie, plant some flowers, go out to lunch or dinner with friends, call your neighbors and invite them for ice tea and a movie at your house. Go on a day trip to the park or zoo. Take a drive to a nearby beach. Visit a museum.  Build something. I think you get the idea.  Giving yourself permission not to grief is as important as giving yourself permission to grief.  I’d love to hear your ideas of what a “day off” of mourning looks like for you.

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