Comfort for the Day

Living through the seasons of grief.

Life On the Line Part 1

Journaling is to your mind what Drano is to a clogged shower.

Let’s talk abOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAout journaling for the purpose of healing the hurt in your heart.  I know that I risk losing you as a reader immediately, so if you will stay with me just for 3 more minutes. . . .  I’ll make this short and sweet.


Are you attracted to the mysterious, the unusual, or unexplainable? If so, journaling might be something you are more interested in than you have even thought of before.  Writing about pain is one of those mysterious processes that changes our mourning. By writing out our feelings, the power of grief is rearranged so that we regain control, even for just a few moments.  Expressing feelings on paper brings relief from the whirlpool of emotions. Our hearts feel relief when our pain flows from our mind and heart out through our finger tips.  I can’t explain why or how this works; all I know is that it does work.


Here is another thing I know.  While we might be able to speak about our pain, memories, confusion, anxiety, fears, etc., the words we speak return to our ears keeping the whirlpool of emotions frothing in our hearts.  On the other hand, when those same words find their way onto paper through our finger tips, a physical relief often occurs. Some current research even suggests that the process of hand written expression is more emotionally effective than using a keyboard.


So here are some questions you might want to consider. Do you want to feel better tonight or in the morning?  Do you long for relief?  Does the privacy of expressing your own grief in your own space appeal to you?  Are you willing to let go of those overwhelming emotions?  Why not put it on paper? Why not give it a try?  It can’t hurt you further and is highly likely to bring much needed relief, clarity, hope and healing.  Any piece of paper and pen will do.  You can dispose of it when you are finished or can keep it safely to revisit when you need the encouragement of already processed feelings.


If you think of it, please let me know how your experience of writing out your pain is/was like for you.  Next week you will read a personal account of a recent grieving journaler.

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