Comfort for the Day

Living through the seasons of grief.

A Thumbprint and a Signpost

Grieve in your own way


At times I follow other bloggers who are sharing their grief work, healing, questions, and observations.  Today, I read a conversation between two women who each reacted to their broken hearts in quite distinctive ways.  One finds making positive choices is a way to honor her deceased loved one.  The other found that sleepless nights in the bed she once shared with her husband influenced her to sell her home and relocate to find balance, rest, and hope to even begin to move forward. As I read their conversation, I was encouraged to observe so vividly how grief seeps through our temperament and personalities. Our thumbprint is a one of a kind thing on the planet. Just look at yours for a moment and let it really sink in how unique you are. Our grieving will also be as uniquely individual as that thumbprint. The beautiful bubbling ah ha is that healing is occurring in spite of our differences.  If we would want others to be sensitive to our personal reactions to loss, then we would want to offer the same grace to them in return.  While we grieve in an individual way, we don’t want to be isolated or feel alone.  Each healing discovery or experience can become a marker of hope for the next traveler. For as we criss-cross this dark valley of pain, your signpost just might be of great significance and assistance to others who are on their journey.  The important thing is that we keep conversing, supporting, listening, caring, encouraging and learning about the signposts on one another’s paths.  In this way we can celebrate the healing and the God who faithfully fulfills his promises to restore our broken hearts.


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