Comfort for the Day

Living through the seasons of grief.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere are no two waves alike. . . . no two sunsets, no two people, no two days, minutes, or seconds.  Welcome to the New Year.  And yes, there are no two years alike.  The loss of last year will not be the loss of this year.  The grief of today is not the grief of yesterday.

Choices come with each new second, minute and hour of the day.  Something about beginning a new year just seems to open a door into fresh choices and new hope.  If we are willing, we can clear the cobwebs of last year’s memory storage by talking it out with a friend, visiting a professional therapist, journaling the feelings, planting a garden, or even cleaning the attic or garage.  Taking stock of what might be in the way of our current choices towards healing and hope is one way to walk into the new year a little more free, a little more open to embrace the adjustment to our losses.

Waves ~ no two are alike.  Cherish the moments of clarity, health, happiness, freedom, and love.  These beautiful qualities have not vanished forever.  They are still all around.  Waves ~ unknown, uncertain, waves of grief ~ I call them the sneaker waves.  They are the big ones that have the power to knock us down and overwhelm us with their icy spray.  Change the paradigm and the waves of grief can be the reminder of our brokenness, our love, our need for healing. They can turn our heart to the heart of God who offers an unbroken promise to heal our broken hearts.  Let the waves roll ~ the ones of stunning beauty, the ones of searing pain.  No two waves are alike.  What we do with the wave is within our freedom of choice.  Welcome to the new year of making great choices to heal under the care of God, All Faithful.

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