Comfort for the Day

Living through the seasons of grief.

Thanksgiving Grief


To my friends who mourn today, I give you space to do so.  I give you freedom to grieve.  I offer you support in your bereavement.  Today is Thanksgiving.  The searing paradox of what you are experiencing and what others are celebrating may feel like a hot iron pressing down on the already shredded parts of your heart.  Oh how I wish I could take this all away from you, but it is beyond my ability to do so.  What I can do, is let you know I care.  It is true that I don’t fully understand your pain today.  Maybe even you don’t.  But please absorb this idea; there is a Divine comforter who does understand AND knows how to soothe the deep ache.  Could I suggest spilling your pain out on paper?  Let the feelings flow, let them go.  Then with personal discipline, choose to write down a list of a few things you are honestly thankful for.  CAUTION: writing a “thanks-giving” list without spilling out your pain might result in building a façade ~ a pretence or false appearance of gratitude.  Living genuinely with our grief, means being honest with the pain.  My Thanksgiving prayer for you is that you will feel emotionally safe where ever you are today. I pray that your heart will be receptive to comfort, tenderness, and healing.  I trust the work of the Divine Comforter to be present with you today.

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