Comfort for the Day

Living through the seasons of grief.

Fall’s Season of Greiving

013Turning leaves could be symbols of a healing heart

As the weather changes, accompanied with emerging orange, rust, gold, maroon, and yellow foliage, I am reminded that grief also has its seasons.  If we carry out the metaphor, the “Fall” season of grief might be a time of more restful reflection.  It might be a time when the mourner is more accepting of the absence and adjustment is an easier pill to swallow.  Fall might be the season when those who grieve can put the pain and suffering into perspective and be reassured that healing does come.  Life does go on.  Memories might even bring smiles.  A reflective purpose for living could emerge, brilliant like the changing leaves of the trees.  Just how do those leaves change color?  It occurs during the chill of the night.  Likewise, something unwelcome is bringing about a beauty for others to observe.  I ask mourners today, “Are you aware that beauty comes from the cold pain you feel when alone?”  The chilly uncomfortable night air of your broken soul can create a beauty of character that others will be drawn to. Nothing is wasted with God.  Not even our pain.  God promises comfort for all who mourn and will provide beauty instead of ashes for those who grieve.  (Isaiah 61:3)  May I encourage you to look around you this fall season and be reminded that you too are being transformed into someone beautiful for others to behold.  Please be encouraged to trust God to fulfill what He has promised for you. May you embrace this season of grief with resplendent confidence.

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