Comfort for the Day

Living through the seasons of grief.

Asking “Why God?”


A crisis of faith

can occur after the death of a loved one.  The questions usually begin to spiral in our minds that God’s sovereignty could have prevented this death, and the following fall out of our bereavement.  For some of us, we give up on God. Others put on a pretend smile and continue on in silent suffering. Some of us struggle, wrestle, and fight with weakening tenacity. I am sure there must be countless options, just as there are countless personal reactions to the mysteries of God when it relates to the problem of our pain.  The point is, we want to know “why?” just like a 3 year old child does.  Their repeated “But why, mommy?”  “Why, daddy?” can drive any parent to distraction.  Do our “why?” questions illicit the same response with God?  I believe not.  He is not like us.  He is not wearied with our childlike cries for understanding.

Rather, it seems that God’s answers to Job’s heart cries for understanding came from a magnificent and wise Creator.  To Job it could have felt like God’s gentle hands held his face and pointed him in directions he never knew existed, much less knew how to comprehend.  (Job 38-41) God asks Job if he wants to contend with the “Leviathan.”  He goes on to describe this creature with attributes and qualities of destruction that seem strangely similar to the descriptions of the Evil one.  And now, a little light seems to be chasing away my crisis of faith, my doubts and anger towards God.  There is an evil that humans have no ability to contend with.  Death is that last enemy, but we have confidence that Jesus’ resurrected life is enough to break the chains of death.  By faith we have confidence that our loved ones will once again live in victory.  Then one day, God will finish the work of contending with the Evil one with an everlasting fire that will assure the inhabitants of eternity that death and dying will be no more. (Rev. 20:14, 21:4)

Asking “why?” might result in frustration.  However, asking “When?” might restore our faith.  When, Lord, will you put a final end to the pain and suffering this planet knows all too well?  Are we willing to trust His wisdom to make all things beautiful in His time?  So far everything He has promised has come into being.  I think I will put my faith in Him and trust he will comfort my broken heart while I wait for an eternity of peace, safety, love & perfect beauty, where death and dying are no more.

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