Comfort for the Day

Living through the seasons of grief.

Incomprehensible Inhumanity

WarChoosing how we grieve

MONDAY MOURNING:  Recent loss of lives around the world trigger my thinking about coping in the raging sea of insanity.  The mayhem, tragedy, violence, terror, and inhumanity to one another are incomprehensible.  This raw grief, torn and bleeding, can either continue the cycle of hate or it can divert this torrent of injustice and create space for authentic healing.  We and others may not have a choice about becoming members of the society of the bereaved, BUT, we do have a choice how we will grieve.   The challenging component to this is we enter bereavement with the same baggage, scars, temperaments, and emotional handicaps that we had before death entered our private world.  Therefore, as we have lived, so we will grieve. . . . except . . .  If we become aware of our unhealthy emotional patterns, we can wipe the hard drive clean and learn a whole new way of dealing with pain.  May I suggest that we begin with something we already know?  Our pain does not mean we have to hurt others. It can begin our path of allowing Divine Love to grace our hearts with patience and hope that the grieving process will make me a better person.  I could choose to believe that Divine Love knows and understands the chaos of my bereavement and how to guide me into peace and wholeness again.  Comfort for the Day is a blog/website that can be a place to discover healthy grieving options.  Let’s become friends.

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