Comfort for the Day

Living through the seasons of grief.

A Challenge to the Comforter Part I

If you call yourself “The Church” here is one mourning heart’s need:

“The church could be more supportive. . . .  I don’t think they know how. So to be more supportive…people could sponsor my kids for lessons like violin or other classes. A group of people could even set aside money for a one time gift or better yet monthly. Even five dollars goes a long way. I am paying a large sum each month on health insurance. I have no dental insurance. I get a limited amount from social security and have a small life insurance policy. So finances are a big deal. . . . be practical with gift cards or gift baskets of fruit, breads, fresh veggies, stuffed animals for the kids, flowers, bubble bath, a nice box for my husband’s keepsakes, Kleenex! Tender things to help the grieving and fresh foods I can cook with instead of meals my kids won’t eat (and the church hasn’t even offered that . . . only “Martha” dropped off food).   Drop off things. Don’t stay and chat. Maybe some people want to talk but not me. It is draining. Also they could offer a work bee outside the house. Raking, mowing, wood stacking, etc. . . .  It’s been very very quiet. I guess I’d like them to offer at least. There should be a ministry to help grieving hurting people in the church with protocols set up and checklist of things sent. Good books for the girls. Little cards. I guess I could go on and on. This is a HUGE area our church is lacking in.”

Take the challenge and become a better “Church” to the bereaved.

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